Landida™ | Smart Landscape Design Solutions

Naturally Intelligent

Landida™ is a certified Naturally Intelligent Landscape Design™ provider.

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Pesticide Free

Landida™ creates pesticide and herbicide free landscapes.

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Climate Change Conscious

Landida™ is a certified Climate Change Conscious Design™ Provider.

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America is Converting to Intelligent Landscapes

Climate Change is here and those who want to survive are adapting! Let's adapt to the new reality in style! To be exact in modern,  sophisticated, sustainable, environmentally friendly and ultra fashionable style.

Landida™ landscapes are designed to reduce or completely forgo the use of precious energy, fresh water, harmful pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Yet they are human- and pet-friendly, visually pleasing, evergreen, eco-conscious and virtually maintenance free.

Ditch your lawn mower and join the Smart Landscape Revolution!

Grass/lawn/maintenance free Landscapes by Landia™

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America is Converting to smart landscapes! Ditch the grass and save the Planet! Join the Movement and be your own boss with Landida™|Smart Landscapes.

Convert to Grass-Free Landscape with Landida™ - Smart Landscapes