Franchise Opportunities with Landida™|Smart Landscapes

Climate Change Conscious Landscape Design

Climate Change

Climate Change is here and it affects every corner of the Globe. Millenial Generation (the new incoming generation of homeowners) is environmentally conscious. Help them make an impact by converting to sustainable landscapes.

Pesticide/Herbicide free landscape design - Landida

Pesticides and Herbicides

At this point, everyone agrees that their front yards and backyards should not be a dump site for chemicals. Help your community to get healthier and convert to pesticide/herbicide-free landscapes.

Grass/lawn/maintenance free Landscapes by Landia™

Ditch the Lawn Mower!

Lawn Mowers have become a legend... Literally. Help your fellow neighbors to spend more time with their families, instead of breathing toxic fumes of their gas-powered lawn mowers.

Convert to Grass-Free Landscape with Landida™ - Smart Landscapes

Intelligent/Smart Landscapes are in Style!

Whether you are in Florida or Maine, sustainable, pet/human-friendly and water-saving landscapes are in demand! Join Landida Team and open a franchise in your area.

Bring High-End Landscape Design to Your Small Town

If you are just thinking to start your won business - Landida™|Smart Landscapes is a perfect opportunity to bring world-class landscape design to your area. If you are already in business - with Landida™|Smart Landscapes you can get to the whole new level and offer your customers world-class landscape design solutions they would love!

Landida™ - Smart Landscaping Solutions
Landida™ - Smart Landscaping Solutions

Business, Marketing and Branding Support

Landida Franchising Program provides branding, marketing, PR and business setup support. You do not need to reinvent a wheel but could simply follow our easy-to-implement business, marketing, branding, landscape design, third-party and sub-contractors guides localized to your region.

Start Your Franchise...

Get in touch and find out how you can start your own landscaping business in a matter of days! No prior experience is necessary. Financing options are available!